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 Saga 0ne: Return of the Saiyan race saga. Part 01

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PostSubject: Saga 0ne: Return of the Saiyan race saga. Part 01   Sat Jul 04, 2009 5:22 am

Dragonball Unlimited
Saga 0ne: Return of the Saiyan race saga.
Part 01

Trunks is out flying over to Son goku’s house, most likely looking for goten. He has a pair of black shorts and a black long sleeve shirt.

Trunks: I sure do hope that goten’s home, I mean there’s nothing to do in that boring house of mine. All I get over there is nagging from mom.

Trunks looks down and sees goku’s house is right under him, he flies down there. He walks over to the front door with his right hand in his pocket and knocks with his left hand. Someone in the house hears the knock. I’m coming! The door is opened by chi-chi. She is wearing the exact same wardrobe she had in the beginning of dragonballz.

Chi-chi: Oh! Trunks it’s you! Look at you, you’ve grown taller! How old are you now? Trunks: I’m about 13 right now. Chi-chi: Come in! Are you here for goten? Trunks: Yeah! Is he here? Chi-chi: Yeah, hold on a sec.

Chichi opens a drawer and grabs a pair of socks and puts them on, along with her boots. Chichi goes over to the dining room over to the back door and goes outside and there you see goten and goku training. Goku is wearing the gi he always wears in dbz.

Goten has grown taller, he still looks like goku though. He is 12. Goten: Ha ha dad! Is this all you have? Goten tries to kick goku, goku grabs gotens leg and throws him into the air.

Goten: Time for me to use the technique dad taught me.

Goten puts his two fingers on his forehead and transports behind goku and slams his head from behind. Goku is sent flying to the ground but catches himself by putting his palms on the ground and then doing a back flip.

Chi-chi: Hey goten you have company!

Goku: Whew! Whoa, talk about hungry! Alright goten, your improving a lot! Tomorrow we will fight as super saiyans and then we will see if you can ascend to Super saiyan 02.

Goten: Huff huff, right! If it wasn’t for you getting hungry all the time we would train more and make even more progress. Goku: Hey don’t blame me! It’s like I have five stomachs to feed.

Goku and goten start walking over to chichi. Chi-chi: Cant you guys stop training for at least one day to spend it with the family? Goku: Oh come on chichi we need to train to prepare for any dangers that are heading to earth. Chi-chi: Yeah yeah… I know! How about we have a picnic today with the whole family and all of our friends. Goku: Well I don’t know… Chi-chi: There’s going to be lots of food goku! Goku: Alright! I’m there!

They all enter the house.

Goten: Hey trunks! What brings you here?

Trunks: Nothing I’m just bored out of my mind.

Chi-chi: So trunks, would you and your family like to go to a picnic with us?

Trunks: Sure why not?

Chi-chi: Great! I’ll go call your parents right now. Go call your brother goten.

Goten: Why me?

Chi-chi: Look! You wont be ruining this! This family needs this desperately!!

Goten: Alright! No need to yell.

A few hours have passed. Everyone is at the park now. Goten is wearing a white sleeveless shirt with blue martial arts pants and some black martial arts shoes. Chi-chi is wearing the same clothing she wears in dragonball when she fights goku. She is over at the blanket preparing the food. Goku is wearing the same clothing, so is trunks. Bulma and vegeta arrive at the park with their daughter bra. She is about 05 years old. Bulma is wearing a blue dress with no sleeves and some high heels. Vegeta is wearing a brown sweater and a black shirt with some brown pants.

Bulma: Oh son I haven’t seen you in a long time! Goku: Wow! You changed bulma. Bulma: Of course! I’m more elegant then ever. Goku: Oh I meant that you have a wrinkle under your eye. Bulma: And I MEANT THAT I’M MORE ELEGANT!

Vegeta: So kakarot, you been keeping your boys in check? Goku: Well goten seems to be progressing, but gohan… well. What about trunks? Vegeta: We train everyday. He probably leaves your boy in the dust.

Chi-chi: There, the foods ready!

Goku: Alright! My favorite part!

Everyone removes their shoes and sits at the blanket and begin grabbing food. Especially goku and vegeta, they are grabbing everything very fast and shoving it in their mouths. Everyone is staring at them like if they were a bunch of freaks.

Over at a dessert there are five shining glows flying over to the ground, they crash making five craters. The objects look like saiyan spaceships, the doors begin to open. Four men wearing saiyan armor come out of the spaceships. One of them is a woman. Arocko: Hahaha, shall we go cut up some meat now! Slurp! Arocko is a medium sized saiyan with a mohawk who is very skinny. Crowna: Patience arocko, we will get all the meat we want! Crowna is a girl saiyan, she has long purple hair and is wearing an elite saiyan armor. Redrack is a tall buff saiyan with long hair and green eyes, he is wearing a blue saiyan armor. Omuku is an old skinny saiyan who is wearing an elite saiyan armor. Crowna: Lets go! They all fly away.
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Saga 0ne: Return of the Saiyan race saga. Part 01
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